Many people have doubts about whether they should prefer a general dentist or an orthodontist to get their teeth straight using Invisalign. But, only a few know that Invisalign is a procedure that only a highly trained certified provider can offer it. Every dentist be it general or pediatric dentist specializes in a certain field of dentistry, just like that a certified Invisalign provider in Dallas is the one you should look for to get the best results from Invisalign treatment.

But, Why Should You Choose A Certified Provider For Invisalign in Dallas?

Certified Provider Have Years of Additional Training in Invisalign

After completing dental school, orthodontists receive advanced training in moving teeth. While your immediate concern may be having your teeth evenly spaced and completely lined up with each other, we look at the bigger picture: ensuring your bite is strong, your jaw aligned, and that they’ll remain that way in the long term.

Although it’s rare, occasionally an Invisalign plan may have to be changed mid-treatment. When teeth aren’t moving as they are supposed to, certified Invisalign providers can spot this straight away because that’s what they’re trained to do.

A Certified Provider Uses The Latest Technology

When we talk about using Invisalign clear aligner for straightening your teeth, the certified provider uses cutting-edge technology like iTero Intraoral Scanner. It is a device that produces a digital image of your mouth using a wand-like tool. Only a trained Invisalign provider can use this cutting-edge tool & provide you with the best results & monitor your treatment progress. The more an orthodontist uses the latest technology, the more you get the best results.

A Certified Provider Can Guide You Well

An Invisalign provider with years of experience can guide you properly throughout the treatment. Although there are not many restrictions with Invisalign treatment, you still have to follow an oral hygiene routine of brushing & flossing after every meal. How to keep your Invisalign trays in a way that you don’t damage them; these are all the tips that only a certified Invisalign provider in Dallas can suggest.

Orthodontists Have More Experience with Invisalign

Just like any medical practice, you want to go with somebody who conducts a treatment often rather than someone who only does it periodically. When you do something often, you perfect your skills. The reverse is true as well–when you don’t do something very much, your talents get rusty.

Most Invisalign providers, including our practice, see dozens of Invisalign cases every week. We know the Invisalign system in and out. That, integrated with our general knowledge of moving teeth, makes our certified Invisalign provider the best choice for Invisalign treatment.

Why You Should Get Invisalign from Certified Providers In Dallas

As you search for an Invisalign provider n Dallas, look for a professional who not only offers Invisalign but has successfully treated a large number of patients using Invisalign treatment. The benefit of it is that you get the treatment from an orthodontist who has experience in treating the most complex case successfully. 

Choosing an orthodontist in Dallas who is a certified provider ensures you’ll get the highest-quality care from devoted Invisalign experts.

At Dallas Orthodontics, our dental professionals & staff will be thrilled to hear from you & to know that you are considering us for your Invisalign treatment. As soon as you will step into our dental office you will feel at home as we treat all our patients like family. If you live in Dallas or nearby communities, contact us to schedule a consultation at our dental office today!

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