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It’s true that visiting an orthodontist can cost a little more than working with a general dentist who offers orthodontics as well. It’s important to understand why though. When you visit an orthodontist, you are working with a specialist in the dental field, who has received special training in the area of orthodontics. Only 6% of all general dentists pursue the rigorous additional training required to become an orthodontist.
This is a very important distinction, especially when considering the use of a system like Invisalign which is widely marketed as being available in both general offices as well as in specialist orthodontic practices.

You should always remember, ONLY an orthodontist has been fully trained in the specialization of orthodontics. There are many different systems on the market today and no one treatment method is one size fits all. Braces and aligners (like Invisalign) are just a tool which in the wrong hands will be unpredictable.

When visiting an orthodontist, you are paying for the expertise and knowledge that comes with years of training. In these capable hands, the wide variety of options out there will provide you a successful outcome that you will be proud of for your whole life.


Your orthodontist is going to be working with you over the next couple of years, so wouldn’t you want to know that you will be seen by the same professional over the entire life of your case?
At Dallas Orthodontics we do just that! Dr. Benitez prides himself on providing personal, dedicated care to his patients at every visit. You can be confident that your care will be consistent over the life of the case because you are dealing with the owner of practice, not some associate who may leave the office at any time.
When you become a patient with Dallas Orthodontics you can rest assured that you won’t be rushed through your treatment either. In fact, Dr. Benitez prefers to run a more personable practice as opposed to the larger, franchised orthodontics practices. This dedication allows Dr. Benitez to focus on providing consistent, top quality care for each and every single patient.
Dr. Benitez received an additional three years of training in orthodontics after practicing as a general dentist for two years. Rest assured that Dr. Benitez will utilize his additional three years of training to the benefit of your treatment and smile!


Choosing an orthodontist for yourself and your family is one of life’s biggest decisions. So it is a bonus when you find a dedicated orthodontic provider that invests in the latest and greatest technology of the trade to deliver high quality orthodontics and high value conveniences to you.
An example of that budding technology is the the latest iTero Element intraoral scanner. Dr. Benitez invested in this latest technology and is one of early adopters of this exciting scanning technology. Patients at our office receive the full benefit of comfortable 3D imaging without the need of goopy impressions! This technology also allows treatment plan predictions via 3D walk-through of how your mouth is now and how it will be once treatment is complete!
Remember, when you choose your orthodontist, they need to design a customized plan for your treatment. This tailored plan should address your main concerns and should be harmonious with your oral health as well. Therefore, it is a good idea to work with an orthodontic provider who is up to date on the latest techniques and technology and takes the time to implement those in their practices for the benefit of their patients.
Enhanced learning and continuing education are also a big plus at Dallas Orthodontics. Dr. Benitez regularly attends continuing education seminars and keeps up to date on advances in the industry so that his patients receive the benefit of that wisdom. He is deeply committed to providing patients a caring and modern orthodontic experience and is always keeping up to date with the very latest in braces and Invisalign technology.
If you have more questions about the iTero Element intraoral scanner coming to our practice October 2015, please contact us directly.

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