Many people are suffering & hiding their smiles because they do not feel confident about their teeth & how they will look. It is not the case with you, but many people go through this issue, as everyone is not blessed with a perfectly aligned white smile. Orthodontics has evolved in every possible way in the last few years & the cutting-edge technology usage with the latest tools has made it possible for everyone to get a perfect smile. One of the latest innovations is Damon’s braces in the field of orthodontics. Now anyone can achieve their smile goals with customized braces & as well as a treatment plan.

What Are Damon’s Braces?

Customized braces are 100% fit for each patient. Damon’s braces make perfect sense as each patient has a unique bite structure, facial features, and orthodontic needs. The braces get designed as per the tooth structure of the teeth. A trained, experienced orthodontist supervises this orthodontic treatment in Dallas. Damon’s braces fix all of the issues. Brackets get placed precisely where they must be, and wires can be tilted to direct the teeth to their preferred positions. It makes treatment more relaxing for patients.

How Are Custom Braces Made?

Creating Damon braces in Dallas starts with a digital scan of the mouth, where our orthodontist quickly generates a digital image of your teeth. Using state-of-the-art software & the braces will be modeled based on the digital image taken of the patient’s teeth. A Computer-Aided Design (CAD) is used to create a custom treatment plan based on digital scans of a patient’s teeth.

How Are Damon’s Braces Applied?

The process of applying Damon’s braces in Dallas orthodontics is far less complex. Traditional braces are manufactured in advance, so the wearer does not always get the perfect fit. The patient has to return to the dental office multiple times. 

But, Damon’s braces use computer technology to create braces to fit the shape and size of the patient’s teeth so that an orthodontist can predict the final tooth position at the beginning of treatment. This extra precision indicates that there are no multiple repositioning appointments, making the treatment more convenient and producing the desired results.

Damon’s Braces In Dallas

Undoubtedly, custom orthodontic braces fix all of the bite issues. As misalignment, crookedness, or malocclusion are the problems that an orthodontist can address better, why not go for the treatment that suits you or fits your teeth’s shape & size. 

There are so many advantages with Damon’s braces, like they move teeth faster, which concludes the treatment in a short time for the patient. Damon’s braces can straighten your teeth and can make your teeth more functional.

Customized Braces Provider 

The Dallas Orthodontists offer a unique solution to solve your misalignment issue in significantly less time. To know more about Damon’s braces in Dallas, you must consult with an orthodontist with experience in creating & fitting these custom braces. Contact us today and schedule your appointment with one of our skilled orthodontists.

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