Lightforce Braces

A digital platform providing orthodontists with fully customized, 3D printed tooth-moving tools

The LightForce System


From brackets to IDB trays to custom buccal tubes, our orthodontic products are designed to fit your patient’s individual tooth anatomy and bite.


LightPlan is a web-based platform for digital orthodontic treatment planning that enables you to create, adjust, and approve treatment plans without having to install software.


Our digital workflow enables you to seamlessly integrate LightForce into your practice similar to your aligner workflow.


Brackets, IDB trays, and web-based software work together to create a level of digital efficiency that helps you work smarter, not harder.

Product Details


Our 3D printed ceramic polycrystalline alumina brackets are fully customized to your patient’s individual tooth anatomy and bite. They are currently available in 0.018″, 0.020″, and 0.022″ slot sizes, as well as bidimensional configurations. The brackets can also be customized with optional distal hooks on upper lateral incisors, lower cuspids, and lower bicuspids.

LightForce brackets come in two distinctive styles: the Cloud Bracket and the Light Bracket. The white-colored Cloud bracket tends to be most popular with patients looking to be bold and make the band colors “pop,” while the translucent Light Bracket tends to be more popular with patients looking for a highly aesthetic treatment option.


The LightTray bonding jig is a patient-specific, 3D printed indirect bonding (IDB) tray that is only available for use with LightForce brackets. LightTrays are printed from a highly-engineered material designed to optimize the ease, speed, and accuracy of bonding. This both increases efficiency and allows orthodontists the freedom to delegate initial bondings and rebonds to certified members of their clinical team where permitted by state law.


LightForce Bite TurboTrays are 3D printed trays designed to help orthodontists deliver precision bite turbos that aid in patients’ bite correction. TurboTrays can be placed on incisors, canines, or molars to help disclude posterior teeth for efficient bite correction with elastics and avoid occlusal interferences. TurboTrays are integrated into each patient’s custom LightPlan as needed, and are also available upon request.


LightForce’s fully custom, 3D printed buccal tubes for first and second molars ensure that the straight wire appliance can be achieved for the full arch. Tubes come in two different sizes—short and regular—to best fit each individual case. The key benefits of fully customized buccal tubes include better anchorage and more flexibility in planning and the ability to maximize incisor retraction.

Introducing LightPlan

The LightPlan software is LightForce’s intuitive, easy-to-use tool for digital treatment planning. Our web-based platform enables you to create, adjust, and approve treatment plans—without having to install software.

When reviewing a treatment plan with the LightPlan software, you have precise control over where the patient’s teeth will go, without having to stage the teeth every step of the way. Plus, you can save time by providing treatment plan feedback to LightForce technicians who will make the adjustments for you.

Why Lightforce 3D Printing

The benefits of 3D printing extend far beyond customization. Other advantages of LightForce’s 3D printed offerings include:


3D-printed slots are more accurate and precise than injection molded slots, preventing divergence.(i)


3D printing makes it easy to produce the same thing without disruption to structure or form, resulting in consistent product quality.


Changes can be made quickly, making it easy to implement customer feedback, iterate fast, and update hardware at the pace of software.

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