You’ve probably heard of braces, but have you heard of braces that are specifically made for you using 3D printing technology? Yes, you heard correctly—the future belongs to Lightforce braces. Your faultless personality is redefined by your ability to fully adorn yourself while smiling. Come learn some of the key details behind Lightforce that we bet you didn’t know.

What Are  Lightforce Braces   

Lightforce braces are one example of the innovations that have become common in the era of cosmetic dentistry. Lightforce braces have a number of distinctive qualities, one of which is that the brackets are 3D printed specifically for each user. Every patient receives their own set of braces, making it possible to chart a clear route to the healthiest smile. Once implanted, Lightforce braces require fewer visits to the orthodontist for braces repositioning. The custom-made brackets, which exactly fit and resemble the structure of your teeth, have simplified the process.

How Are They Made/Works 

The invention of Lightforce braces was made possible by the use of 3D printing. It is done because of each tooth’s distinctive form. In order to position each tooth precisely and maximize the effectiveness of the treatment, this type of braces also offers 3D printed trays that are manufactured specifically for each tooth. After consulting with your orthodontist, an intraoral scanner captures an image of your teeth. Lightforce braces are manufactured to order, which is their most effective characteristic and what sets them apart from other conventional types of braces.

Customized 3D Printing Tools

Lightforce braces are considered to be the future of 3D orthodontics. These cutting-edge braces, which are 3D printed, assist patients in correcting their bite and prevent occlusal interferences. This is regarded as efficient for creating incredibly accurate surgical guides and orthodontic models. In addition, brackets for Lightforce braces are frequently made of 3D-printed ceramic polycrystalline alumina. Additionally, they are completely specialized for describing tooth anatomy.

Intuitive Treatment Using Software    

If you wish to have lightforce braces, then you need to know something about LightPlan. It is found to be a web-based platform, which is suitable for digital orthodontic treatment planning. This technological advancement facilitates you to adjust or create treatment plans in accordance with your convenience. You don’t even need to install the software and cab review your treatment plan as decided by your orthodontist. The Lightforce technicians are at your service, who will make necessary adjustments for you so that you do not have any problems with it. 

Digital Workflow    

As mentioned earlier, light force braces are found to use a digital workflow, which means that there is no need for any sort of integration. Apart from this, you don’t even need to use any additional technological facilitations so as to carry out your treatment. the following list is  based on the digital workflow that is to be integrated for the development of your treatment options:

Creation of a treatment plan as per your visit and evaluation of your oral health features.

You need to submit your scans once you are done with your visit

Based on the scans that the orthodontist has carried out for you, you will receive a treatment plan accordingly. This will help you to review and approve your plan and you can change your plans accordingly. 

Benefits Of Lightforce Braces

  • One of the most common and most obvious benefits of using lightforce braces is that it is highly customisable. It is because of the use of 3D printing, which makes it possible and the braces are made exclusively for you. 
  • Once you are done with getting your lightforce braces, your visit to the orthodontist’s office reduces at a substantial amount. 
  • Since the use of 3D printing helps in getting the exact impression of your teeth, thus it reduces the treatment to a great extent. This is another reason why lightforce braces are the right option for you. 

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