Insignia Braces. Custom made for you. Because you are an individual.

Imagine receiving prescription braces from your orthodontist that are custom manufactured just for your specific dental anatomy. Braces that are precise, predictable and accurate for your needs.


The Insignia process starts when your orthodontist takes detailed photographs and records of your smile and bite.
Working with the Insignia smile design system, your orthodontist creates an optimal smile for you, taking into consideration your unique facial features.
Once your new smile design is completed, your custom Insignia braces and wires are manufactured just for you and your unique features. This custom approach, specifically designed for your teeth, maximizes the optimal outcome of your Orthodontic treatment and your new smile!


Because the entire process is custom manufactured and all components are milled specifically for you, Insignia braces tend to provide the following key benefits:

  • Patients enjoy faster treatment times overall
  • Fewer office visits are required for adjustments
  • Precise and predictable results are ensured
  • Patients enjoy the ability to digitally view their new smile before starting treatment so they know what to expect and look forward to.


How long does treatment take?

Treatment time with Insignia is typically much faster than with traditional braces. In addition, the number of office visits is often reduced and time in the office shortened. This is a perfect option for patients and parents with the busy schedules.

Since it works so quickly does that mean it is uncomfortable or unsafe?

NO. In fact, what makes Insignia work so quickly is the customization built into each bracket, the precise bracket placement and personalized wires.

Braces are just for cosmetic concerns right?

Braces not only produce a great smile, but also align your bite so your teeth fit properly together. A proper bite can prevent discomfort and help ease the jaw, neck, and shoulder muscles which provide a more stable platform to support your facial features (cheeks, lips, etc.).

Aren’t braces large and bulky?

The design and technology of braces have made major advancements over the few years. Insignia uses braces that are much smaller and more comfortable than ever before.

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