Align Tech, the makers of Invisalign have created an amazing product, versatile, effective and very easy to use! However, is Invisalign right for every situation?

Let us begin by recognizing that Invisalign is an incredible product, and the company that created it have clearly done an exceptional amount of research perfecting what works and have also spent a great deal of money identifying what doesn’t. It is always a pleasure to work with a system as well supported as Invisalign. Having said that, the product does have its pluses and minuses and we wanted to take a moment to share with you some of those insights.

In the PRO category, Invisalign has always put esthetics first and foremost as the chief concern for patients. When compared to traditional braces, aligners (those are the individual Invisalign trays that are worn in your mouth) are virtually invisible, which is where they got the name from! Another MAJOR enhancement with the system how easy it is for you to keep up with your oral hygiene. The aligners are easily removed giving you full access to your teeth to brush and floss all the surfaces. Unlike braces, which require careful attention to cleaning around the surfaces of the braces and threading floss in between the individual brackets. One of the other pro’s are (and one of the features patients LOVE) is that you can pretty much eat whatever you want, because there are no concerns about foods being stuck to or trapped in the braces material. When you have traditional braces, a big concern is eating crunchy foods that can easily push the arch wires holding the brackets which are attached to your teeth, out of alignment. This just isn’t a concern when it comes to Invisalign, so you can enjoy all your favourite foods! Finally, Invisalign is super comfortable, which can not be understated! There are of course some other advantages like fewer appointments needed at the office as well as fewer emergencies that can happen, such as poking wires or broken brackets.

On the minus side, the biggest issue is that patients can be lazy about being sure that they wear them the full 22 hours a day that are recommended. The reason is simple, people simply forget sometimes to put the aligners back in after they have eaten, brushed or flossed! And if you like to snack, well this becomes even a bigger issue. Another minor downside is that Invisalign trays can stain over time, but this is usually not an issue given the aligners are typically changed once per week. The final draw back with Invisalign is, that we as Orthodontists will often place attachments on teeth which work with the system. Some patients find them annoying, however there can be no doubt, they are way better then the feeling of braces rubbing against your inner cheek!

One of things we like a lot about Invisalign is the company that designs and manufactures the system is continually striving to improve the product, and as Orthodontists, we are continually learning how to use it more and more effectively so as to provide you with the quality and lasting results you expect! Is Invisalign right for you? Why not come in for a complimentary consultation and learn more about how we can use the system to give you the smile you always wanted!