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What to expect during
your first days with braces

Congratulations on your new braces!  You are one step closer to a beautiful smile. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us.

Immediately after we place the brackets onto your teeth, we recommend you take an over-the-counter pain medicine like Acetaminophen (Tylenol®) or Ibuprofen (Advil®).  It is normal that you may experience minor aches or discomfort a few hours after your appointment. This discomfort may last a day or so but will decrease over the next few days and ultimately disappear.

Here are some normal things to expect during your first days days with braces:

What to eat

Following your appointment it's a good idea to stick to eating soft foods. Your teeth will feel completely normal after about one day and then you can follow our advice listed here on eating with braces.

Experiencing Loose teeth

It is normal that some teeth may feel loose as they begin to move into the correct position.  Don't worry, they will go back to feeling normal again once they have reached their intended position.

My lips and cheeks feel sore

Sometimes, your braces and the wires can rub against your lips or cheeks causing some irritation. To remedy this, you can administer the wax we provide or sometimes rinsing with warm salt water helps.  Like the other minor irritations, as you get used to having braces, this will go away and you won't even notice you are wearing braces.

Broken brackets

Braces can come unglued from the teeth during treatment or after the initial appointment.  Typically this is not a cause for alarm and can generally wait to be fixed.  Call us at the office so we can book an appointment to remedy the situation and give you instructions on what to do in the meantime.

Altered bite

Sometimes we glue material to your teeth changing your bite slightly when the braces are placed on your teeth.  You may also experience an altered bite when your teeth begin moving.  This is completely normal and part of treatment.

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